Breaker Bourbon: The Ultimate Small Batch Bourbon


With our second batch of Breaker Bourbon nearly ready for distribution, we thought we’d share a little about its production process. Every batch of Breaker Bourbon is blended from 8 hand-selected barrels of bourbon each aged for at least five years, making it a truly small-batch bourbon. Before blending, our Master Distiller Steve will sample from a number of barrels and identify their overarching flavor characteristics. Since each barrel ages uniquely, some barrels may develop more oak flavor than others, or sweetness (caramel, butterscotch), vanilla, fruit (citrus, candy), spice (a lot of it comes from the rye)… Steve will then select barrels that mesh well together based on these characteristics for an even but interesting flavor profile. Our Breaker Bourbon batch one was said by spirits aficionado and reviewer Forrest Cokely to be full of candied grains, citrus, vanilla, spice, fruit, mint, and herbs. K & L Wine Merchants noted its spice and sweet candied citrus. Steve says our second batch is even better than the first!

Once these 8 barrels are selected and blended, they are proofed down to 90 proof with reverse osmosis water, resulting in some 2400 pounds of bourbon. This produces around 1500 bottles (750 mL) of Breaker Bourbon!

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