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Breaker Bourbon: The Ultimate Small Batch Bourbon


With our second batch of Breaker Bourbon nearly ready for distribution, we thought we’d share a little about its production process. Every batch of Breaker Bourbon is blended from 8 hand-selected barrels of bourbon each aged for at least five years, making it a truly small-batch bourbon. Before blending, our Master Distiller Steve will sample from a number of barrels and identify their overarching flavor characteristics. Since each barrel ages uniquely, some barrels may develop more oak flavor than others, or sweetness (caramel, butterscotch), vanilla, fruit (citrus, candy), spice (a lot of it comes from the rye)… Steve will then select barrels that mesh well together based on these characteristics for an even but interesting flavor profile. Our Breaker Bourbon batch one was said by spirits aficionado and reviewer Forrest Cokely to be full of candied grains, citrus, vanilla, spice, fruit, mint, and herbs. K & L Wine Merchants noted its spice and sweet candied citrus. Steve says our second batch is even better than the first!

Once these 8 barrels are selected and blended, they are proofed down to 90 proof with reverse osmosis water, resulting in some 2400 pounds of bourbon. This produces around 1500 bottles (750 mL) of Breaker Bourbon!

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First Batch of Breaker Bourbon Bottled & Distributed


Breaker Bourbon spotted in El Rancho Market in Buellton on Thursday, March 14.

We are very proud to announce that Ascendant Spirits’ first batch of its signature Breaker Bourbon has hit restaurants, bars, and stores in 5 Southern California Counties: Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Orange. An up-to-date list of all locations carrying Breaker Bourbon is on our website.

Word on the street is that Breaker Bourbon is flying off shelves at supermarkets. At a tasting at El Rancho Market in Solvang, one taster remarked, “I don’t like bourbon, but I like that.”

If you see Breaker Bourbon on a restaurant menu, liquor or grocery store shelf, or bar back, we’d love if you could tweet, instagram, or Facebook your picture using the hashtags #BreakerBourbon and #ASDistillery, and to @ASDistillery.

Bar Back at Dargan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

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Santa Barbara County’s First Distillery Since Prohibition Opens March 2 & 3

The Ascendant Spirits Team is pleased to announce the grand opening of Ascendant Spirits, Inc., the first distillery in Santa Barbara County since prohibition. Proud to be part of the American distilling revival, our distillery is deeply committed to using the finest American grains and the best fresh, organic, local fruit in our products.  The event will be held next Saturday and Sunday (March 2 & 3) from 11 am-7 pm and will include facility tours and tastings of our bourbon and vodka, free of charge.

 Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.17.27 AM

The distillery is located at 37 Industrial Way, Suite 103 Buellton, CA, which is nestled conveniently between Terravant Wine Company and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company. So come enjoy a variety of local spirits, wines, and beers with your friends – the more the merrier!

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Bourbon Barrels Arrive!

80 barrels of bourbon aged for 5 years.

80 barrels of bourbon aged for 5 years.

Today, 80 barrels of 5+ year aged bourbon were delivered to our distillery. The scent of the wood and “angel’s share” of whisky evaporating from the barrels has resulted in a smoky, spicy, and oaky aroma wafting through the distillery. These barrels are filled with bourbon–but in order to be called bourbon by law, this whiskey must have been aged in brand new, white American oak barrels that have been charred on the inside.

Our Master Distiller Steve will select 8 of these barrels based on their unique flavor profile. Each barrel ages differently and develops distinct flavors based on the wood, construction, and seal of each barrel. Some barrels may have a heavy oak flavor, or lots of smokiness or vanilla. The 8 barrels he selects to blend together will complement each other to form a complete and complex spirit. In this sense, Steve is a lot like a winemaker, and bourbon is a lot like wine. A lot of a bourbon’s craftsmanship can be attributed to the blending process and the sophisticated palette of the Master Distiller.

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